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A Great Look for Your Practice

Printed Table Paper rolls have unique designs to comfort your patients.

  • A variety of comforting print designs available.
  • Graham Medical’s Table Paper is soft, durable and quiet.
  • Lightweight and easy to store.
  • Made of recycled materials.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
Item #ItemMaterialSizeColor/PrintCaseQuality
084Table PaperCrepe14.5″ x 125′Activity Bears®12 RL/CSStandard
080Table PaperCrepe14.5″ x 125′Animal Parade12 RL/CSStandard
37239Table PaperCrepe14.5″ x 125′Tiny Tracks®12 RL/CSStandard
085Table PaperCrepe18″ x 125′Activity Bears®12 RL/CSStandard
081Table PaperCrepe18″ x 125′Animal Parade12 RL/CSStandard
49005Table PaperCrepe18″ x 125′Pedia Pals®12 RL/CSStandard
46846Table PaperCrepe18″ x 125′Rose Garden®12 RL/CSStandard
50168Table PaperCrepe18″ x 125′Stars of Hope®12 RL/CSStandard
37238Table PaperCrepe18″ x 125′Tiny Tracks®12 RL/CSStandard
086Table PaperCrepe21″ x 125′Activity Bears®12 RL/CSStandard
47344Table PaperCrepe21″ x 125′Pedia Pals®12 RL/CSStandard
46847Table PaperCrepe21″ x 125′Rose Garden®12 RL/CSStandard
50169Table PaperCrepe21″ x 125′Stars of Hope®12 RL/CSStandard
37236Table PaperCrepe21″ x 125′Tiny Tracks®12 RL/CSStandard
46844Table PaperSmooth18″ x 225′Rose Garden®12 RL/CSStandard
078Table PaperSmooth18″ x 225′Wildflower®12 RL/CSStandard
46845Table PaperSmooth21″ x 225′Rose Garden®12 RL/CSStandard
079Table PaperSmooth21″ x 225′Wildflower®12 RL/CSStandard