The Promise of Protection


Warm, Calming Comfort

Graham Medical’s single-use blankets are ideal in a variety of applications. Whether the patient needs protection from the elements or just comfort during a difficult time, our line of single-use blankets meets the need and budget.

  • Soft material for total patient comfort.
  • A new product for each patient.
  • Lightweight, easy to transport and store.
  • Can be used in warming cabinets.
  • Durable material helps protect patients.
Item # Item Material Color Size Case Quality
54849 VisiBlanket® 2-Ply Tissue/Poly Yellow/White 54″ x 84″ 5/BG; 5BG/CS Economy
77700 VisiBlanket® 2-Ply Tissue/Poly Yellow/White 56″ x 90″ 1/BG; 24BG/CS Standard
53382 VisiBlanket® Poly/Airlaid Yellow 50″ x 84″ 1/BG; 25BG/CS Premium
53377 Hypothermia Blanket Mylar Silver 52″ x 84″ 1/BG; 50BG/CS Standard
53650 Spa Essentials® Foil Blanket Mylar Silver 52″ x 84″ 3/PK; 16 PK/CS Standard
53651 Spa Essentials® Foil Blanket Mylar Silver 62″ x 90″ 3/PK; 16 PK/CS Standard
78313 Comfort1® Blanket Polyester Green 36” x 60” 1/BG; 10BG/CS Premium
84869 Comfort1® Blanket Polyester Gray 40″ x 80″ 1/BG; 25BG/CS Economy
62292 Comfort1® Blanket Polyester Gray 50″ x 84″ 1/BG; 10BG/CS Standard
52038 Comfort1® Blanket Polyester White 50″ x 84″ 1/BG; 10BG/CS Premium
77723 Comfort1® Polar Fleece Fleece Navy 58″ x 80″ 1/BG; 10BG/CS Premium