The Promise of Protection



Superior Protection

Comfort and coverage meet the convenience of single-use. Patients will enjoy getting a fresh, clean product every time. A variety of color options are available which is helpful for distinguishing between types of patients and medical professionals.



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  • Made of soft, linen-like material.
  • Offer optimal comfort, coverage, and warmth.
  • Fluid-resistant, yet lightweight, breathable material.
  • Elastic, latex-free waistband and sewn V-neck.


Item #TypeDescriptionSizeColorTrim/Ties
82198ShirtV-Neck, No PocketPediatricDark GreenNavy Trim
82196ShirtV-Neck, No PocketXSDark GreenNavy Trim
79709ShirtV-Neck, No PocketSDark GreenNavy Trim
62211ShirtV-Neck, No PocketMDark GreenWhite Trim
62213ShirtV-Neck, No PocketLDark GreenWhite Trim
62215ShirtV-Neck, No PocketXLDark GreenWhite Trim
62217ShirtV-Neck, No Pocket2XLDark GreenWhite Trim
64841ShirtV-Neck, No Pocket3XLDark GreenWhite Trim
78686ShirtV-Neck, No Pocket4-5XLDark GreenWhite Trim
62487ShirtV-Neck, No PocketMLight BlueWhite Trim
62489ShirtV-Neck, No PocketLLight BlueWhite Trim
62491ShirtV-Neck, No PocketXLLight BlueWhite Trim
62493ShirtV-Neck, No Pocket2XLLight BlueWhite Trim
74696ShirtV-Neck, No PocketLMaroonWhite Trim
74699ShirtV-Neck, No PocketXLMaroonWhite Trim
84807ShirtV-Neck, No PocketMRedWhite Trim
84809ShirtV-Neck, No PocketLRedWhite Trim
84811ShirtV-Neck, No PocketXLRedWhite Trim
82197PantsLatex-Free Elastic WaistPediatricDark GreenNA
82195PantsLatex-Free Elastic WaistXSDark GreenNA
79708PantsLatex-Free Elastic WaistSDark GreenNA
62210PantsLatex-Free Elastic WaistMDark GreenNA
62212PantsLatex-Free Elastic WaistLDark GreenNA
62214PantsLatex-Free Elastic WaistXLDark GreenNA
62216PantsLatex-Free Elastic Waist2XLDark GreenNA
64840PantsLatex-Free Elastic Waist3XLDark GreenNA
78684PantsLatex-Free Elastic Waist4-5XLDark GreenNA
62486PantsLatex-Free Elastic WaistMLight BlueNA
62488PantsLatex-Free Elastic WaistLLight BlueNA
62490PantsLatex-Free Elastic WaistXLLight BlueNA
62492PantsLatex-Free Elastic Waist2XLLight BlueNA
74695PantsLatex-Free Elastic WaistLMaroonNA
74698PantsLatex-Free Elastic WaistXLMaroonNA
84806PantsLatex-Free Elastic WaistMRedNA
84808PantsLatex-Free Elastic WaistLRedNA
84810PantsLatex-Free Elastic WaistXLRedNA
84599PantsLatex-Free Elastic WaistLBlueNA
84466PantsLatex-Free Elastic WaistXLBlueNA
84467PantsLatex-Free Elastic Waist3XLBlueNA
80495Shirt & Pants SetV-Neck No Pocket, Latex-Free Elastic WaistLTealWhite Shirt Trim
80496Shirt & Pants SetV-Neck No Pocket, Latex-Free Elastic WaistXLTealWhite Shirt Trim
80497Shirt & Pants SetV-Neck No Pocket, Latex-Free Elastic Waist2XLTealWhite Shirt Trim
80498Shirt & Pants SetV-Neck No Pocket, Latex-Free Elastic Waist3XLTealWhite Shirt Trim
80499Shirt & Pants SetV-Neck LFC Pocket, Latex-Free Elastic Waist, Rear PocketLMaroonWhite Shirt Trim
80500Shirt & Pants SetV-Neck LFC Pocket, Latex-Free Elastic Waist, Rear PocketXLMaroonWhite Shirt Trim
80501Shirt & Pants SetV-Neck LFC Pocket, Latex-Free Elastic Waist, Rear Pocket3XLMaroonWhite Shirt Trim


Item #TypeDescriptionSizeColorTrim/Ties
66940ShirtV-Neck, Left Front Chest PocketSBlueNavy Trim
66942ShirtV-Neck, Left Front Chest PocketMBlueGreen Trim
66944ShirtV-Neck, Left Front Chest PocketLBlueWhite Trim
66946ShirtV-Neck, Left Front Chest PocketXLBlueLight Blue Trim
66948ShirtV-Neck, Left Front Chest Pocket2XLBlueBeige Trim
66950ShirtV-Neck, Left Front Chest Pocket3-4XL BlueYellow Trim
66941PantsDrawstring WaistMBlueGreen Tie
66945PantsDrawstring WaistXLBlueLight Blue Tie
66947PantsDrawstring Waist2XLBlueBeige Tie
66949PantsDrawstring Waist3-4XL BlueYellow Tie
66939PantsDrawstring WaistSBlueNavy Tie
66943PantsDrawstring WaistLBlueWhite Tie