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Bedding & Transport Kits

Easy to Deploy Bedding Kits When Every Second Counts

Graham Medical offers several stock InstaKit® Bedding Kits and has the ability to create custom kits.

InstaKit® 50983 Standard Bedding Kit is latex-free and packaged in a clear, heat-sealed bag.  The InstaKit® 50983 Standard Bedding Kit includes:

  • SnugFit® EMS Fitted Sheet  (Nonwoven – Rated to Transfer Up to 250 lbs.)

  • Drape Sheet (Tissue/Poly/Tissue)

  • Pillowcase (Tissue/Poly)

  • Absorbent Underpad

  • Everything you need to deploy bedding quickly.
  • Absorbent materials for superior protection.
  • Reduce risk of cross-contamination.
  • Lightweight, easy to store and transport.
  • Single-use makes disposal fast and simple.
Item # Item Components Component Item #s Case
50983 InstaKit® Standard Bedding Kit SnugFit® Fitted Sheet, Flat Sheet, Pillowcase, Absorbent Underpad 44547, 329, 360, 50984 25/CS
65381 InstaKit® Bedding Kit Flat Sheet, Flat Sheet, Pillowcase 323, 324, 47256 25/CS
84600 InstaKit® Transport Kit Comfort 1® Blanket, MegaMover® 350i 77723, 52037 10/CS