The Promise of Protection


Keep Patients Comfortable and Protected

Specialty pillowcases have super soft, linen-like nonwoven fabric that provides a comfortable resting surface, while sewn seams ensure strength and durability.

  • A clean product for every patient.
  • Linen-like material provides soft, soothing comfort.
  • Specialty treatments available.
  • Reduce laundry costs with disposable products.
  • Lightweight, easy to store and transport.


Code # Description Size Packing
354 Nonwoven Pillowcase, White 21″x27.75″ 100/Case
360 Tissue/Poly Pillowcase, White 21″x30″ 100/Case
47256 Tissue/Poly Pillowcase, White 21″x30″ 100/Case
48766 Tissue/Poly Pillowcase, Blue 21″x30″ 100/Case
53157 Extruded Tissue/Poly Pillowcase, White 22″x30″ 100/Case
57930 InhibX® Tissue/Poly Pillowcase, White 21″x30″ 80/Case
65019 Nonwoven Pillowcase, White 24″x21″ 100/Case