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Absorbent Dental Bibs

Graham Dental Bibs are available in white and an array of soothing colors. You also have your choice of 2-ply or 3-ply absorbency, and a variety of sizes for flexibility and convenience. These high quality disposable bibs are sure to become a welcome addition to any busy dental practice.
Superior Coverage and Absorbency
  • A variety of sizes for a high-quality fit.
  • Comfortable, durable, and absorbent.
  • A new product each time puts patients at ease.
  • Ensures maximum patient protection.
  • Many color options available.
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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Item #ItemMaterialColorSizeCaseQuality
70960NPatient Bib – Over-The-HeadTissue/PolyWhite19.5″ x 28″100/BG; 5 BG/CSEconomy
16184Patient Bib2-Ply Tissue/PolyBlue13″ x 19″500/CSEconomy
16187Patient Bib2-Ply Tissue/PolyMauve13″ x 19″500/CSEconomy
16185Patient Bib2-Ply Tissue/PolyWhite13″ x 19″500/CSEconomy
43447Patient Bib2-Ply Tissue/PolyBlue13.5″ x 18″500/CSEconomy
43446Patient Bib2-Ply Tissue/PolyMauve13.5″ x 18″500/CSEconomy
43445Patient Bib2-Ply Tissue/PolyWhite13.5″ x 18″500/CSEconomy
16168Patient Bib2-Ply Tissue/PolyBlue16.5″ x 19″500/CSEconomy
16171Patient Bib2-Ply Tissue/PolyMauve16.5″ x 19″500/CSEconomy
16169Patient Bib2-Ply Tissue/PolyWhite16.5″ x 19″500/CSEconomy

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