The Promise of Protection


Provide Peace of Mind

Let your patients feel at ease with our popular printed gowns! These Tissue/Poly/Tissue gowns provide durability and moisture resistance, and have a reversible front or back opening.

  • Printed designs to add that extra touch of comfort.
  • A new product for every patient.
  • Linen-like material offers comfort and warmth.
  • Many sizes and designs available.
  • Single-use products reduce laundry costs.


Code # Description Size Packing
239 Tissue/Poly/Tissue Gown, Wildflower® 30″x42″ 50/Case
271 Tissue/Poly/Tissue Gown, Seascape® 30″x42″ 50/Case
280 Tissue/Poly/Tissue Pediatric Gown, Animal Parade® 20″x36″ 50/Case
283 Tissue/Poly/Tissue Pediatric Gown, Activity Bears® 20″x36″ 50/Case
37235 Tissue/Poly/Tissue Pediatric Gown, Tiny Tracks® 20″x36″ 50/Case