The Promise of Protection


Convenience, Comfort, and Durability

The Exam Gown is a soft, linen-like nonwoven material that is warm and comfortable. Attached waist tie allows a custom fit for patient. The AmpleWear® Gown provides full coverage for male and female patients sized up to 9x. A telemetry pocket with cord slit is convenient for holding devices. Differentiate size by tie color, allowing for greater efficiency and faster room turnover.

  • Allows ease of access while retaining comfort.
  • Attached waist tie for a custom fit.
  • A fresh, clean product for every patient.
  • Reduce risk of cross-contamination.
  • A variety of colors and sizes available.


Code # Description Size Packing
234 Nonwoven Gown, Blue, Sewn Shoulder & Ties 30″x42″ 50/Case
241 Nonwoven Gown, Yellow, Sewn Ties 30″x42″ 50/Case
50756 AmpleWear® Nonwoven Gown, Blue 40″x50″ 25/Case
65333 Nonwoven Gown, Blue 20″x32″ 50/Case
65334 Nonwoven Gown, Blue 30″x46″ 50/Case
65335 Nonwoven Gown, Blue 36″x48″ 50/Case
65336 Nonwoven Gown, Blue 42″x50″ 50/Case
65649 Nonwoven Gown, Blue 28″x42″ 50/Case
65957 Nonwoven Gown, Green, SMS Medium 28″x42″ 50/Case
65958 Nonwoven Gown, Green, SMS XL 36″x48″ 50/Case
67257 Economy ISO Nonwoven Gown, Yellow, Sewn Ties 30″x42″ 100/Case
72590 Economy ISO Nonwoven Gown, XL, Yellow, Sewn Ties 32″x49″ 100/Case
74109 Nonwoven Gown, Maroon, SMS Small, White Ties 20″x34″ 50/Case
74110 Nonwoven Gown, Maroon, SMS Medium, Green Ties 28″x42″ 50/Case
74111 Nonwoven Gown, Maroon, SMS Large, Navy Blue Ties 30″x46″ 50/Case
78187 360° Wrap-Around Isolation Gown, Nonwoven, Yellow OSFM 25/Case