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MegaMover® Transport Units

Safe Patient Transport for Emergency Responders

The MegaMover® is the original, flexible patient transport unit. It is a compact, cost effective, portable unit used to transport, transfer, or rescue patients from areas inaccessible to stretchers. The nonwoven, latex-free construction holds up to 1000 lbs. and has 14 handles for ergonomic lifting.

Now available with PowerGrip™ handles for added comfort and durability.

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Code # Description Size Packing
51926 MegaMover® Nonwoven/Poly, White/Black 40″x80″ 10/Case
52037 MegaMover® 350i Sheet, Nonwoven/Poly, Gray 50″x84″ 25/Case
53376 MegaMover® Plus, Nonwoven/Poly, Gray/Black 40″x80″ 10/Case
56307 MegaMover® Transport Chair, Nonwoven/Poly, White w/Yellow Handles 36″x36″ 10/Case
65459 MegaMover® Plus w/Power Grips, Nonwoven/Poly, Gray/Black 40″x80″ 8/Case
66563 MegaMover® w/Power Grips, Nonwoven/Poly, White/Black 40″x80″ 8/Case
66564 MegaMover® Transport Chair w/Power Grips, Nonwoven/Poly, White w/Yellow Handles 35″x35″ 8/Case
72657 MegaMover® Select™, Nonwoven/Poly, White w/Green & Black Handles 40″x 80″ 8/Case


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