The Promise of Protection


Comfort, Coverage, and Protection

Graham Medical’s soft, opaque, general purpose drape sheets are ideal for non-surgical procedures where patient or equipment draping is required. Economical drape sheets are available in colors or prints, convenient space-saving fanfold package, and fenestrated or non-fenestrated. Whatever the situation, Graham has a drape sheet to fit your needs.

  • Several material types to suit your needs.
  • A fresh, clean product for every patient.
  • Soft, linen-like material for comfort and warmth.
  • Lower laundry and linen costs with disposable products.
  • Poly/Tissue options for superior protection.
Code # Description Size Packing
300 2-Ply Drape, White 40″x48″ 100/Case
301 2-Ply Drape Sheet, White 40″x60″ 100/Case
302 3-Ply Drape, White 40″x48″ 100/Case
303 3-Ply Drape Sheet, White 40″x60″ 100/Case
308 2-Ply Drape, White Fanfold 36″x48″ 100/Case
309 2-Ply Drape Sheet, White Fanfold 36″x60″ 100/Case
313 2-Ply Drape, Mauve 40″x48″ 100/Case
317 Tissue/Poly/Tissue Fanfold Drape, Blue 40″x48″ 50/Case
318 Tissue/Poly/Tissue Fanfold Drape Sheet, Blue 40″x60″ 50/Case
319 2-Ply Drape, Wildflower® 40″x48″ 100/Case
320 Tissue/Poly/Drape, White/Blue 40″x48″ 100/Case
321 Tissue/Poly/Drape Sheet, White/Blue 40″x60″ 100/Case
325 2-Ply Drape, Seascape® 40″x48″ 100/Case
328 2-Ply Drape, Peach 40″x48″ 100/Case
339 2-Ply Drape, White Fanfold 40″x48″ 100/Case
340 3-Ply Drape, White 12″x24″ 500/Case
342 2-Ply Drape Sheet, White Fanfold 40″x60″ 100/Case
344 2-Ply Drape, White 24″x40″ 200/Case
43654 Spa Essentials® 2-Ply Drape Sheet, White 40″x48″ 100/Case
47258 2-Ply Drape, White 40″x48″ 100/Case
48615 2-Ply Drape, Blue 40″x48″ 100/Case
50363 2-Ply Drape, White Fanfold 36″x40″ 100/Case
50588 FlexDrape®, Nonwoven, Blue 50″x84″ 50/Case