Fitted Sheets/Equipment Covers


  • Optimal fit prevents slippage and movement.
  • Quick to deploy when every second counts.
  • Several material options for specialty applications.
  • Single-use prevents cross-contamination.
  • Lightweight, easy to store and transport.
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Graham Medical’s complete line of fitted stretcher sheets fits nearly all models of equipment on the market and is available in a variety of materials and quality levels. The fitted design keeps the sheet tight and flat on the stretcher to prevent slippage during patient movement and protects mattress from contamination.

Code # Description Size Packing
44547 SnugFit® Nonwoven Sheet, Blue 30″x84″ 5/Bag, 10 Bags/Case
49896 SnugFit® Nonwoven Sheet, Blue 40″x89″ 5/Bag, 5 Bags/Case
53378 SnugFit® Nonwoven Barrier Sheet, Blue 30″x84″ 50/Case
54311 SnugFit® Nonwoven Barrier Sheet, Blue 40″x89″ 25/Case
54419 PowerFit® Nonwoven Sheet, Blue 33″x89″ 50/Case
55420 PowerFit® Nonwoven Barrier Sheet, Blue 43″x89″ 50/Case
61234 ER SnugFit® Nonwoven Sheet, Blue 40″x89″ 25/Case
65233 PocketFit® Nonwoven Equipment Cover, Blue 30″x72″ 50/Case
65245 PocketFit® Nonwoven Equipment Cover,White 30″x72″ 50/Case
65247 SnugFit® Nonwoven Sheet, Light Blue 30″x84″ 50/Case
72930 SnugFit® Nonwoven Expandable Mattress/Equipment Cover, Blue 36″x84″ 5/Bag, 6 Bags/Case