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MegaMover® Disaster Response and MegaMover® Tactical

Patient Transport Designed for Disaster Response and Hostile Environments

Through the input and involvement of experienced first responders alongside Graham Medical engineers, we have evolved our offering of innovative tools to meet the patient transport needs of the EMS community when in hostile and unpredictable environments. We are happy to introduce the next generation of the MegaMover® product family; the new MegaMover® Tactical and the MegaMover® Disaster Response.

MegaMover® Tactical

  • Designed to be dragged or carried—up to 500 lbs
  • Very lightweight, ultra compact, strong, and rugged
  • Preferred by small Rescue Task Force teams
  • Requires only 1 to 2 responders per victim
  • Can be loaded from either direction
  • Center strap with buckle to secure victim; drag straps on both ends
  • Patent pending
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MegaMover® Disaster Response

  • Designed to be carried or dragged—up to 500 lbs
  • Lightweight, compact, strong, and rugged
  • Used by large Rescue Task Force teams 2 to 8 responders per victim
  • Screen printed “HEAD” and “FOOT” to improve efficiency under pressure
  • Under arm cross-strap with buckle offset to secure victims
  • Patent pending
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